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Cheese Platter

A crowd pleaser when served as a starter.  A pleasant, "avant garde" surprise when served as dessert.  This dish is ALL about presentation.  My friend Monica has mastered the cheese platter by taking risks with the variety and accompanying her cheese with sweet treats such as fresh honeycomb.  She also has really cute cheese labels so guests know what they are eating.  I also came across a great presentation while assisting Mike's cousin Lisa at an Encore Catering event in NJ.  Lisa's version was "garnsihsed" with fresh figs and mixed olives.  

Chicken Savoy

I was introduced to this dish years ago at a restaurant called Augustino's in Hoboken, NJ.  This is my own take on their famous recipe.  The deep flavor of this dish makes you feel warm all over- its crispy and hearty.  Paired with a glass of the finest brunello makes it even better.  

Crispy Potatoes in Nutty Brown Butter

We learned to make these in our first week of culinary school.  I am sure it was because we needed to practice knife skills.  For this dish, we were forced to have every potato cube exactly uniformed in a medium dice so that it would cook evenly.  I fell in love with the crispy, nutty and salty flavor of these potatoes.  Be prepared to eat the whole yourself.  

Melted Greens

The rich, creaminess of these greens help to balance the tang of the chicken savoy.  This is a dish is a good alternative to the everyday spinach or broccoli.  It can accompany just about anything.    

Creamy Chocolatey Chewy Brownies

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for Mike's Aunt Joan to give me this recipe. You will die in decadence when you eat these. I will post AS SOON as I get my hands on it.

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